5G NR UMTS LTE Mobile Application Testing
  • QZ Labs pre-certifies 5G NR/LTE/UMTS/GSM devices by performing core tests and device acceptance tests as per carrier and industry requirements. The testing and certification service includes complete one stop solution for testing RF performance, Signaling and Protocol, GPS, Field Testing, IMS (VoLTE/VoWiFi/RCS) testing Audio Testing, Camera testing, Application and Platform testing, Environmental testing and Proficiency testing.
    • RF Performance
    • Signaling Conformance
    • IMS (VoLTE/VoWiFi/RCS)
    • GPS
    • Data Throughput
    • SMS
    • Field Performance
    • Standby/Talk Time
    • Audio
    • Camera
  • QZ Labs provides 3GPP Mobile Terminals End-to-End IOT, Integration, Field and Lab Testing services to OEMs/ODMs, Chipset companies and operators globally. QZ Labs provides complete range of validation activities on different Radio (RF) technologies and on the whole set of applications and services deployed by wireless operators worldwide.

    The testing purpose can vary including GCF validation, operator acceptance, quality testing, IOT and IODT with network infrastructure and with other terminal devices.

    QZ Labs IOT and field engineers are experienced in all state-of-the-art software, hardware, and RF automated tools used in the design,planning and optimization of these terminals on various wireless networks.

    QZ Labs works with mobile handset and chipset companies by providing them with testing expertise and resource footprint on a global scale. We help these companies take on larger development projects without them having to build their own large IOT and Field Testing specialized organizations.

    Our Services organization applies its extensive industry experience and expertise in telecommunication systems, complete cycle for the implementation of software and hardware solutions to ensure their customers' success. Service offerings include specific, technical engagements and customized, flexible, strategic consulting projects.

    QZ Labs's Mobile Terminal Testing Services significantly reduces the time-to-market for wireless devices and allows for independent testing of all components involved.
  • Carrier Acceptance Testing
  • IOT and Field Testing
  • Technical Training Solutions
  • Customized Options
  • In-house Tools for Automation & Analysis
  • Mobile terminals are not just modems or cell phones, but now support an increasing set of application and functions, and can be considered as mobile computers. For worldwide markets, QZ LABS provide testing of mobile software and hardware features as per operator or market requirements.
    The lists below include a typical set of features that need to be verified for commercial launch, depending on market specific requirements. Mobile software applications and corresponding application level
    Protocol Stacks:
    • Voice/Video over LTE (VoLTE/ViLTE)
    • Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi)
    • Supplementary Services
    • Browsing
    • Messaging, E-mail
    • Video and Audio Streaming
    • IM tools and Social Network Services
    Underlying Protocol Stacks:
    • IMS
    • TCP/IP
    • RTP/RTCP for streaming
    • Supplementary Services
    • Supplementary Services
    Mobile features:
    • SIM/USIM
    • USB connectivity
    • Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Messaging, E-mail
    Runtime Frameworks and Operating Systems:
    • Java Virtual Machine
    • Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, etc..
    For this category test is usually focused on mobile specific features like power consumption, connectivity, etc.

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